Yankees will probably see Miguel Cabrera get 3,000th career hit on Thursday – Twin Cities

DETROIT — The Yankees avoided being a side note to history Wednesday night. They will very likely witness it on Thursday.

Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera went 3-for-4 Wednesday night and was one hit shy of his career-3,000th hit.

“I want to see him get his 3,000th hit. It’s history and he’s one of the best to do it and I’ve looked up to him when I was younger and still do for everything he’s done,” Yankees first baseman Anthony Rizzo said. “So hopefully he gets at 3,000 tomorrow and we win the ballgame and there’s no damage.”

Cabrera came up to bat with a chance at 3,000 in the eighth inning. Yankees right-hander Clay Holmes struck him out on a foul tip.

He had an infield single off Luis Severino in the second and another off the Yankees’ starter in the fourth, a ground ball to center field. He hit another ground ball single in the sixth off Yankee reliever Chad Green.

“He is one of the greatest hitters of all time,” Severino said, laughing about the infield single. “He still got some wheels, he got to first base very quick.”

Aaron Boone played with a 24-year-old Cabrera near the end of his own playing career. He’s a fan of the player and person, but he’s torn about watching it first hand.

“I love Miggy and like I said before I had the great fortune of getting to play with him and he meant a lot to me. I have a great, great relationship with him. Too,” Boone said. “So I know he’s gonna do it. So if it’s something that he gets and it doesn’t hurt us, that’s fine, I guess.

“But he’ll get it.”


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