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If you’re looking for a companion and have no idea where to turn, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled some of the best dating platforms for you to meet singles on. These platforms have been vetted and reviewed to ensure you get all of the information you need.

Finding singles is easy to do on the internet. With quality dating websites, you can create a profile of your own and start chatting. Meet up in person only if you feel comfortable doing so.

Make an informed decision on which dating platform is best for you. Sign up with them today and learn more about them. You might just meet someone right away once you grab a profile of your own.

These websites are best for meeting singles online, check them out for yourself.

Review of What’s Your Price

This online dating platform turns finding and securing a date into a game. Users pay for credits which they use to both message and set up dates with other users.

Users communicate with each other and set up potential dates. The woman gets to choose who she wants to accept for a date.

What’s Your Price Quick Overview

  • Great for single men looking to meet younger single women
  • You request a date with those beautiful single women
  • Use credits to speak with and set up dates with women
  • Little to no bots but there are some scammers
  • Minimum amount for a date is $5USD, but there is no maximum
  • There is a free version

Who is the Site For?

Good for:

  • Singles who want to pay for a date
  • Singles who want to be paid to go on dates
  • Users who want to take action right away

Not Ideal for:

  • Anyone under the age of 18
  • Anyone looking for something other than companionship and a date

The website uses the premise that the dater is more serious because they decided to put down money and invest in dating with them. This is a big consideration because many daters are serious about the website and want your attention. You try out this free dating site to see for yourself if it will work for you.

The website is ideal for everyone who is looking for companionship and someone to take out on a date. There are a majority of older gentlemen as well as younger, vibrant women to choose from. The site matches singles

What We Like:

  • The site is clear about the intentions and easy to navigate
  • You request the dates you want to go on
  • Purchase credits instead of having to pay a monthly fee
  • The customer support team for this website is awesome

What We Don’t Like:

  • You might get ghosted sometimes
  • There are fake profiles and they will ask you to send money

The prices for this dating site are above average when compared to other like-themed dating websites.

100 Credits – $50.00

450 Credits – $150.00

1,000 Credits – $250.00

You can even try this service for free, just not send messages to anyone. This provides you with an idea of what to expect from the dating site. You will find out if it is right for you and your needs. Sign up with them today!

When it comes to signed-up members, you want to know how many the website has – but actually how many are real people. Here are the statistics on who is using the website and spending money on credits to request to go on dates with beautiful women.

There are 455,000 in America. 50,000 of those members are active weekly

The majority of members who use this website are from the United States. This allows those within this large country to meet members here, too. The second-largest demographic on this dating website is from Canada. This is still close for many. Find the perfect match for you on the What’s Your Price website.

This puts your mind at ease knowing that there are a number of individuals able to meet you. Find the most beautiful women waiting for dates today on What’s Your Price.

Other Great Alternatives to What’s Your Price

These other sites are great alternatives to using What’s Your Price if you want to branch out a little. They provide some of the same quality services and singles. Check them out for yourself today.

Secret Benefits

Older men who enjoy the company of younger women generally frequent this website. With thousands of singles to choose from, you have plenty of options.

These women are vibrant and fun. Those interested are able to purchase an account and chat with any of them. The process is simple and secure. Everyone is able to get through it within a short period of time.

This platform has been around for a while. They do have some technical glitches, but many different singles using the site at any given moment. See for yourself the beauties that await at Secret Benefits.


  • More women than men on this dating platform
  • Affordable for women
  • There is a verification system to keep spammers from joining


  • Singles who are not 18 years old are unable to use this platform
  • Can become expensive for men to use the website
  • You cannot use it on an app, there is no video chatting, and some technical issues arise

Sugar Daddy

Who doesn’t want to find the perfect dating platform to find the one you love? Of course, if you want some deep companionship and a friend; Sugar Daddy is a platform that allows you to have what you want.

The relationships on this site do not blossom because of money, either. It has grown in popularity because of that. You don’t have to make millions to speak with beautiful women.

The site does have a lot of safety precautions in place. They allow everyone to verify their identity, giving you an idea of who is real and who is not. They want everyone to have a great time and stay safe while meeting others.


  • Very high quality and easy to use
  • You can verify your identity to make it safer
  • Customer service is award-winning, truly


  • You purchase with credits, not a monthly membership which can become expensive
  • Not available in every country
  • You cannot verify your income, which is not ideal for some women

Sugar Daddy Meet

Sugar Daddy Meet is another dating platform that welcomes singles anywhere to connect and mingle. This site has thousands of singles on it. However, there are hundreds of scammers and no filter for stopping them from joining.

Be picky when you’re choosing who to speak with on this platform. You will have to pay for an account to speak with anyone on the platform. It is more affordable than other platforms of the same nature.

Easy to join and even easier to navigate, you can find the perfect single. Start talking with the ones you match with today on You might just be happy with the number of singles that you find.


  • Great quality site that is easy to navigate
  • More affordable than other types of dating platforms
  • Many quality singles that are on the site, verified, and ready to chat


  • Hard to get a hold of customer service during specific times of the day
  • Decent amount of scammers
  • You don’t have access to video chats through the service


Do these alternative websites off the same features as What’s Your Price?

Not all of them. Some of them offer the same here and there, but many of them are lacking the same perks. This is speculative though. You may find that you enjoy one of the alternatives more than What’s Your Price.

Is online dating even safe?

Online dating in general is safe. Millions of people chat and meet online every single day. If you’ve never experienced it, then consider safety tips and use common sense. You might make a new friend.

Are these girls selling more than just dates?

There is absolutely no selling or illegal activities of any kind happening on the website. If a member is found to be soliciting this, we will ban them. Dates are the only form of companionship offered paid, anything else is leisure and at the person’s own discretion.

Does online dating really work?

Yes. Online dating has been shown to actually work for thousands of people. It has been shown in some studies that up to 30% of matches end in marriage through dating apps.

Why is no one responding to my profile?

First, check to see if your profile is active. Sometimes, it could have been flagged by a moderator for an issue they’ve found. If your profile says active and there is no issue, consider redoing it.

Having an up-to-date profile that is real is important. There are tips and tricks you can find online to help you create the best dating profile for all of these websites and apps.

Do they let you cancel your membership if you’re not happy?

If you’re not happy with your current membership or the website itself, then you can absolutely cancel. You just have to go into your account settings. From there, towards the bottom, you can cancel.

Should I include a video greeting?

Yes! Absolutely! Everyone loves seeing that the people on the websites are actual people that they can meet. Through a video, it shows you have more personality.

How long should I talk with someone before meeting in person?

Before jumping right into things, though there is nothing wrong with that, this is a hard question to answer. Every person is different. What might feel right to you might not to someone else. It depends on the situation and each person involved. Comfort levels should be considered.

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