Ukraine-Russia war LIVE – ‘Hunched’ Vladimir Putin fidgets & twitches in shocking meeting video fuelling cancer rumours

Incredible PoV video shows Ukrainian kamikaze drone smashing into Russian tank

THIS is the remarkable moment a Russian tank erupted into a fireball after a Ukrainian kamikaze drone smashed into it while the crew reportedly tucked into a picnic.

As the war rages into its fourth month, streets in Ukraine have become a graveyard for Russian machinery – with burnt-out tanks and vehicles littering the landscape.

Fresh footage obtained from the Special Operations Forces of Ukraine today shows defenders blasting a Russian tank as fighters are said to have been sitting on top boozing.

A spokesman for the force said: “SSO operators in Ukraine have developed skills in owning another type of modern weapon.

“An example of this is another destruction of an enemy tank along with the enemy’s manpower.

“According to our soldiers, the Russian occupiers were quietly drinking alcohol at one of the positions, sitting on the armour of their tank.

“However, the usual Russian occupation was abruptly interrupted by an unexpected attack from the air.”

The force said they used a “modern kamikaze drone equipped with a powerful explosive” to target the tank.

It suffered “irreparable damage” after the deadly device “flew straight into the tank” – with the attack filmed by a camera on the “killer drone”.

The SSO – which was founded in January 2016 and is headquartered in Kyiv – did not specify where in Ukraine the strike took place.

View the video here.

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