UK weather forecast LIVE – Mid-week SCORCHER with Britain hotter than Magaluf, Met Office predicts

BRITS look set for a mid-week scorcher as parts of the UK could see highs of 19C tomorrow thanks to a high pressure over Scandinavia which is making the weather warmer.

The Met Office have said that London could have ‘maximum temperatures of 19C’ tomorrow, making it hotter than Magaluf which will see temperatures of 17C.

Following a weekend of blistering heat and the hottest day for the UK so far this year, things are looking up for the weather.

Since Saturday the mercury has gradually dipped and while it remained warm with temperatures of 17C on Easter Monday, it will be a cold start as people go back into work on Tuesday.

The mercury will be close to 0C in some areas this morning, and there will be frost for some. But it is not all doom and gloom as there will be plenty of sunshine later in the day on Tuesday and then temperatures will be in the high teens through midweek.

BBC weather forecaster Matt Taylor said: “For those of you who have extended your Easter break into this week there is some good weather news in that there will be a lot of dry weather around.

“Admittedly there will be some showers, more especially in the next 24 hours and as the week goes on an increasing breeze will turn eastern areas that bit cooler.”

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  • Londoners will see some showers developing in the afternoon

    In London it will be a largely cloudy start with isolated showers possible in the west.

    It will become dry for most parts by mid-morning while eastern parts remaining dry, but showers developing elsewhere in the afternoon.

    These could turn heavy with the odd rumble of thunder but overall feeling warm with maximum temperatures of 17 °C.

  • Enjoying the beautiful weather? Make the most of it.

    It may be sunny across much of the UK now, but the showers are coming.

    After the mist and fog cleared this morning, most of the UK has been enjoying sunny weather.

    Many areas may experience cloud.

    As the day draws on, showers are expected in the the northwest. Meanwhile scattered showers will likely develop across England and Wales.

    Some showers will be heavy.

  • The showers will pass to give way to frost

    The day started with mist and fog with gave way to the sunshine.

    The rest of the day will likely be showery and rainy for the rest of the day.

    Tonight, the rain will fade to allow some clear spells.

    This will likely bring patchy frost and fog to develop over Northern Ireland and Scotland.

    Low cloud forming over parts of northeast England.

  • Stay up to speed with the weather as it changes in your area

    The Met Office tool allows you to know the weather in your area within five minutes of it changing.

    We’ve all gotten caught in the rain, or more recently hail, snow, the burning sun with a winter jacket on all in the space of an hour.

    Stay prepared with this tool from the Met Office that changes every five minutes so you’re less likely to get caught out again.

  • Hay fever ruined your Easter? Here’s some ways to tackle it before the next Bank Holiday

    While hay fever season started in January, the warm dry air will likely be making it worse.

    According to Allergy UK, the UK has one of the highest prevalence of allergy in the world.

    It said: “A staggering 44% of British adults now suffer from at least one allergy and the number of sufferers is on the rise. Almost half (48%) of sufferers have more than one allergy – that is around 10 million people.”

    The Met Office suggests the following to help minimise the effects of hay fever:

    1. Remove outdoor clothing and shower or wash your hair following high pollen exposure

    2. Close windows at night

    3. Avoid keeping flowers in the house.

    4. Avoid drying washing outdoors when the pollen count is high or when cutting the grass, as this can bring pollen into the house.

    5. Avoid walking in grassy, open spaces, particularly during the early morning and early evening

    6. Drive with windows closed

  • Find out when to book your wedding to avoid the weather ruining your day

    Perhaps you’re planning your wedding and taking pointers from the many you’re attending due to the pandemic backlog?

    The weather is one of the key factors to consider when planning any outdoor event in the UK, even if it is in the the Summer.

    The Summer months are the most sought after months for a wedding making it hard to find a date that doesn’t clash with someone else’s or isn’t taken.

    Hitched shared a guide on how to pick your wedding month.

    According to Hitched, September may be your best bet: “September is often blessed with pleasant weather in the UK, and has better availability than the summer months.”

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