Tucker Carlson’s ‘End of Men’ Doc Mocked as Homoerotic: ‘This is So Gay’

Twitter users have mocked the homoerotic nature of a trailer for Tucker Carlson‘s upcoming documentary about testerone levels in men.

The teaser trailer for an episode in a new season of Tucker Carlson Originals, called “The End of Men,” features plenty of shots of shirtless, muscly men.

They are seen wrestling, chopping wood, firing guns and at one point, a naked man is captured standing with his arms outstretched while his genitals are “charged” at what some called a Tesla charging station.

“I promise you are not prepared for Tucker’s latest montage,” Nikki McCann Ramirez wrote alongside the clip in a tweet that has been viewed more than four million times.

“Once a society collapses then, you’re in hard times,” a man with a British accent says in a voiceover.

“Well, hard iron sharpens iron as they say, and those hard times inevitably produce men who are tough, men who are resourceful, men who are strong enough to survive. They go on to reestablish order, and so the cycle begins again.”

The trailer prompted a flood of responses, with some expressing shock that it was not satire and others suggesting it could serve as an ad for gay dating app Grindr.

“This is actually real. Evidently he likes men without shirts, which may explain the Putin obsession,” Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger wrote.

Writer Mark Harris wrote: “I am sitting here next to my gay husband living my gay life reading a gay novel as research for my new gay book…and yet I am not and will never be as gay as whatever is haunting Tucker Carlson’s fantasies.”

Bradley Whitford joked: “I thought I was straight until I watched this. Thank you, @TuckerCarlson. Thank you.”

“This is so gay,” quipped actor George Takei.

“Do fascists get off on Tucker’s weird video?” Walter Shaub tweeted. “A guy shoves his junk in a light box, a narrator says ‘hard’ repeatedly, one chugs water like beer at a frat house, two writhe shirtless, one squeezes a cow [udder] with no bucket (so just for fun?), and one shoots at jugs of yellow oil.”

Cenk Uygur suggested there was “some chance Tucker is trolling his own audience because there’s gay porn less gay than this.”

Journalist Justin Baragona tweeted that Carlson “would get arrested if he showed this video in a Florida classroom,” where teaching about sexual orientation to children under 9 is now prohibited after a controversial “Don’t Say Gay” bill was signed into law.

Twitter user @goldengateblond also referenced the legislation, writing: “remember, kids, don’t say gay! now please enjoy something we made that couldn’t be gayer if it were dancing to YMCA in a rainbow thong.”

Fox has been contacted for comment.

Tucker Carlson speaks in Hungary
Tucker Carlson speaks during the Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC) Feszt on August 7, 2021 in Esztergom, Hungary.
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