Senator Wicker: “Inflation Reduction Act” will raise taxes, provide bailout for electric vehicle industry | Mississippi Politics and News

In an interview with Y’all Politics on Friday, Wicker also shares his thoughts on Speaker Pelosi’s Taiwan trip and NATO. Watch the interview below.

Mississippi U.S. Senator Roger Wicker joined Y’all Politics on Friday as debate continues in the Senate on the Democrats’ “Inflation Reduction Act,” a bill Wicker says is being falsely advertised.

Wicker outlined his concerns about the Schumer-Manchin bill, including the fact that it provides a bailout for the electric vehicle industry and raises taxes on nearly every American despite what President Joe Biden has claimed.  Democrats are poised to bypass the 60-vote threshold in the Senate using the reconciliation process as a means to pass the big government legislation.

Senator Wicker also shared his thoughts on foreign affairs in the news this week, specifically China’s saber-rattling over Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan and the Senate’s vote to accept previously neutral countries Finland and Sweden into the NATO alliance.

You can watch the full interview with Senator Wicker below.

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