Love Island’s Amy Hart explains what girls do in the villa when they get their period

Love Island star Amy Hart has been revealing some behind the scenes secrets from the dating show.

The reality star shot to same on the ITV2 dating show in 2019 after coupling up with Curtis Pritchard, before leaving the villa on day 37 after ending their relationship.

The 29-year-old has been answering fans questions about contestants really get up to on the show in a series of TikToks.

The former air hostess answered a question a fan posed about what happens when one of the contestants is on their period.

Amy said: “I’ve heard this so many times. So many times. I don’t really understand what you think I’m going to say, like we’re segregated in another room, only allowed in black bikinis.

Amy was answering fans questions about the ITV2 show
Amy was answering fans questions about the ITV2 show

“We just get on with it, like you would do if you’re on holiday.”

She also told fans about what she did while she was in the villa.

“I personally ran my pill packs together because I didn’t want to have a period while I was in there and the doctor was like, ‘Yeah that’s not going to work’ and I was like, ‘It will, it will’. And it did work… until it didn’t.

“But yeah, you just get on with it,” she said as she shrugged into the camera.

Amy captioned the video: “I understand everyone is different and they’d make allowances I’m sure, I was just talking about my experience and meant we weren’t banished.”

She also answered a question posed by viewers about filming tactics used by producers after fans thought they spotted a blunder.

One fan shared a picture of current contestant Gemma Owen in bed while holding on to her phone from the latest episode of the popular ITV dating series.

“Why were they all saying morning and acting like they just woke up when Gemma’s phone clearly says 17.33?” the fan asked.

And another took to Amy’s TikTok page to ask how they knew “it was like 4am/5am if you never have the time” – which she promptly answered in a lengthy video.

Amy replied: “Obviously, when you leave the villa, you’re allowed to know what time it is again. So when you get out, you speak to people, you find out what sort of time they left in the morning.

“Also, once you’re out, it’s very easy to work out because you don’t start filming [in the villa] in the nighttime until it’s dark, so on the two days you’re in Majorca afterwards, okay it’s getting dark now, it’s quarter to ten.”

Amy continued: “So obviously you start filming at night time at ten o clock. Two hours to get ready, which takes you back to eight, then an hour for dinner, which takes you back to seven, so it’s quite easy to work out once you’re outside.”

The blonde went on to admit that she “didn’t feel the need to know the time when I was in there because I hadn’t got to be anywhere so I couldn’t be late anywhere.”

Love Island continues every night at 9pm on ITV2.

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