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In the three Superbowls that he has lost, one was due to a miraculous catch which set up the game-winning play against the New York Giants, coupled with a drop on a perfectly thrown pass late in the fourth Wes Welker that was dropped (the helmet catch game during the 2007 season).

Another Superbowl loss came down to a hail Mary pass that should have been caught and wasn’t (the other New York Giants loss).

The third one was lost against Philadelphia, and the Patriots didn’t start one of their key cornerbacks in Malcolm Butler.

Brady’s fastest wide receiver Brandin Crooks got knocked out during that Super Bowl game.

2. He has over 50 passing records

With all the winning he’s done and points he’s put up, Brady also includes many records among quarterbacks.

He garnered the highest number of touchdowns in a season when he had 50 during the 2007 season.

Check out a full list of his records here.

3. He didn’t have a deep threat for most of his career

This is one of the things that has always been striking about all of the records Brady holds.

Most years, Brady did it without a deep threat. The only two serious deep threats he had during his time with the Patriots was Randy Moss (2007-2010) and Brandin Crooks (2017).

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