Highway Code new rules 2022

£5,000 fine for flashing headlights wrong

Flashing a driver to intimidate them, to signal they can proceed at a roundabout or as a warning there are speed cameras up ahead are all strictly against road laws.

Rule 110 of the Highway Code states: “Only flash your headlights to let other road users know that you are there.”

And 111 adds: “Never assume that flashing headlights is a signal inviting you to proceed.

“Use your own judgement and proceed carefully.”

Smaller on-the-spot fines of £100 are likely if your headlines are faulty, but intentionally misusing them is much more serious.

Wrongly flashing someone to let them know they can proceed is unlikely to lead to a fine – but warning drivers about upcoming speed cameras is quite different.

If you’re caught doing that, you could be charged with breaching of section 89 of the Police Act 1996.

This law says it’s an offence to “wilfully obstruct a constable in the execution of his/her duty” and carries a maximum fine of £1,000.

If you’re taken to court for the offence, you could face a fine up to £5,000 – plus nine penalty points on your licence.

These are current rules and not part of the new rules.

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