Golden Retriever Instantly Regrets Chasing Corgi Down Waterslide: ‘Help Me’

Whether it’s an unguarded pool or the only puddle at the park, it’s no secret that dogs love to swim. Although science shows that some breeds are better swimmers than others, we doubt researchers factored water slides into their studies.

A clip of a Corgi and a Golden Retriever taking it in turns on a water slide has the internet howling with laughter, proving that size doesn’t necessarily make you a better showman.

Shared to TikTok on 23 June by @maui_thegoldenpup, in the video a Corgi called Ruby can be seen flying down the slide before gracefully belly-flopping into the garden pool. She is closely followed by Maui the Golden Retriever, who doesn’t quite stick the landing as well as her smaller-framed sibling.

Clearly regretting her decision to chase her sibling, Maui can be seen attempting to grab the side of the chute with her paws, before tumbling down the slide butt first.

Captioned: “My smol & short corgi going down the water slide [vs] my tall & athletic golden,” the post has received over 1 million likes and almost 5,000 comments from users loving Maui’s mishap.

“Maui’s like ‘Daddy Help Me!'” joked Kakashi_Sama13.

“[She] said ‘no, no, noooooo'” wrote Lucky le Lapin.

While Rikke Larson commented: “Its always the golden.”

Despite their love of water, not all dogs are natural swimmers. According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), some breeds are better suited to swimming than others.

Brachycephalic breeds, such as Pugs and Bulldogs, are at risk of drowning due to their flat faces and short snouts. Breeds with barrel-shaped bodies and short legs, such as Corgis, also struggle in water. Unsurprisingly, breeds that have been bred to catch waterfowl, such as Labrador Retrievers or Portuguese Water Dogs, have an innate advantage, with some breeds even having webbed feet to help them paddle.

Other Tiktokers praised Ruby’s stunning slide performance, especially considering Maui had the biological advantage.

“This was Ruby’s time to shine,” said reddirtpaws.


“Corgis rock everything,” commented Tiggy.

In other videos posted to the account, Maui and Ruby’s owner showcases their pets’ contrasting personalities. In one clip, they describe a toy-destroying Ruby as “a violent gremlin,” whereas Maui is “a pure angel” hugging her teddy bear. In another, Ruby is shown beating Maui at climbing, as well as swimming. However, it appears Maui is the better treat chomper.

Newsweek has reached out to @maui_thegoldenpup for comment.

Retriever Instantly regrets chasing Corgi Down Waterslide
A stock photo of a golden retriever making a large splash in a swimming pool. Maui the Golden Retriever wasn’t prepared for her quick descent into the pool.
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