Dog owner who pelted neighbour with mastiff food in Grangemouth spared jail

A dog owner who pelted a neighbour with mastiff food has been spared jail.

Janet McGuire, 51, hurled part of the contents of a tinful of pet grub bought for her hound, Simba, at 22-year-old Connor Beattie.

Falkirk Sheriff Court heard today that the incident happened last July in Grangemouth, Stirlingshire.

The court heard Mr Beattie’s partner, Rachel Paterson, 23, had gone into their common garden and saw McGuire there with her Bullmastiff, Simba.

Miss Patterson thought McGuire “looked upset” and asked if she was OK.

McGuire began swearing and shouting, and Mr Beattie came out to find McGuire “screaming” at Miss Paterson, so he got between them.

Prosecutor Danielle McDonald said: “Ms McGuire went and retrieved a can of dog food and began to throw the contents at Mr Beattie.

“The witnesses began to retreat into their property for safety but the accused continued to throw dog food at Mr Beattie and over their front door.”

Mr Beattie called police, who on arrival noticed what appeared to be dog food “covering” the front door of the couple’s home.

The court heard officers knocked on McGuire’s front door but she did not allow them access and was “acting in a bizarre fashion” with the lights turned off.

Entry was forced by the police due to concerns over her welfare.

McGuire was informed she was under arrest, after which she kicked one of the cops, PC Callum Meikle, once on the right thigh.

McGuire, a first offender, of Jackson Avenue, Grangemouth, pleaded guilty to assault, police assault, and statutory breach of the peace.

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Solictor Murray Aitken, defending, said: “Ms McGuire had this can of dog food for her dog in her hand.

“She disputes that she went back to retrieve it, but she accepts she behaved in the manner described.

“Clearly matters were aggravated by the way she behaved towards the police when they attended.

“The whole incident had left her feeling scared and a bit vulnerable.

“There were six police officers and they were all males and all significantly larger than her.

“She is genuinely remorseful.

“There are some ongoing issues in terms of her mental health.

“She is firmly of the view that people are taking advantage of her.”

Sheriff Craig Harris placed McGuire on social work supervision for six months and sentenced her to carry out 70 hours of unpaid work.

He told her: “I note the police’s observations at the time, that you were acting bizarrely.

“That said, you were still responsible for your actions that night, and these were unpleasant things that you did.

“Obviously the incident involving the dog food would have been very unpleasant for the individual on the receiving end of that.

“Similarly, any assault on a police office is not just unpleasant but an offence which the court has to take seriously.”

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