Coon Rapids couple fatally shot on highway in Mexico

A couple from Coon Rapids was murdered in Mexico earlier this month while visiting family, according to news reports from Oaxaca and an online fundraiser for funeral costs.

Leticia Carrillo Arellano and Miguel Abrego Hurtado were reportedly fatally shot April 7. The Oaxaca Post reported on Friday that the victims were traveling in a truck with Minnesota license plates on a coastal highway in Puerto Escondido when individuals on motorcycles shot them.

They leave behind two children, Miguel, 21, who is college, and Diana, 18, who is graduating from high school, according to a GoFundMe page.

Coon Rapids City Council Member Pablo Hernandez Jr. shared in a Facebook post that his daughter is classmates and friends with Diana.

“What a heartbreaking situation for a Coon Rapids family at this time,” Hernandez wrote, adding that “let’s try and rally for their children who are left to pick up the pieces and absorb such a blow with unexpected financial burden.”

The fundraisers describe the couple as hard working and “always willing to lend a hand.”

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