11K+ Michiganders blocked from using Airbnb in 2021 to stop partying


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Airbnb is rolling out new data about efforts they’ve made to stop partying at Michigan rentals.

Back in the summer of 2020, Airbnb initially took action to ban parties on their platforms, as part of an effort to be cautious in the early pandemic days and to prevent community disruption.

One of the biggest examples of the initiative was the “Under-25” anti-party system, which restricts people under the age of 25 without a history of positive reviews from booking house listings in their local area.

People under the age of 25 were still able to book private room listings where the Host lives on-site.

In 2021, this “Under-25” anti-party system blocked or redirected approximately 11,600 people in Michigan from making local entire home bookings.

Another effort made to reduce partying during popular holidays was banning one-night bookings in entire home listings for guests without a history of positive reviews.

Over the course of three holiday weekends, here’s how many people were impacted by Airbnb’s anti-party defenses in Michigan:

  • 4th of July: Over 250
  • Halloween: Over 250
  • New Year’s Eve: Over 400

As for how the anti-party systems may have impacted guests who had no intention of throwing a party, Airbnb said the following:

In the meantime, this is a tradeoff we’re willing to make in the interests of trust and safety. Our Trust team is constantly striving for more precise ways to target disruptive behavior that has no place on our platform, and we look forward to sharing those out within the coming year.”

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